The 15 most interesting facts and myths on “drinking milk” everyday

In the course of the most recent decade, milk has gotten somewhat dubious. A few people say it’s an important and nutritious food, crucial for sound bones. However others says it can make malignant growth and lead an early demise. Anyway, who’s correct? And why are we drinking it anyway? It is the base of every creature’s diet after they born, when our digestive systems are undeveloped and small.

Basically, it is very powerful and essential food for your body as it helps in development of your body. It cotains proper amount of fat, minerals, vitamins and sugar that is lactose.

On above all, it also contains antibodies and proteins which protect us from infections and boost our immune system for a while after birth.

The 15 most interesting facts and myths are as follow:

1. Drinking crude milk is useful for health

This is a Myth. The utilization of crude milk expands the hazard for disease and genuine sickness. All milk expected for direct utilization ought to be purified. Sanitization murders conceivably unsafe microscopic organisms without influencing the taste or dietary benefit of it.

2. Gentle causes beginning stage of puberty

Particularly in girls. This is a Myth. Most likely the period of beginning of adolescence in young ladies has now altogether diminished. However it isn’t the explanation behind beginning stage of pubescence. And there is no logical proof to help milk or dairy items for beginning stage of pubescence.

3. Best source of calcium and vitamin D

It is a wellspring of calcium and nutrient D, yet positively not the best. For instance, two tablespoons of chia seeds have multiple times more calcium at that point milk! 100 ml of milk contains 125mg of calcium while100 grams of ragi contains an incredible 344mg of calcium. That says everything.

4. Boiling milk diminishes it’s nutrients

This is again a Myth. Crude Milk must be purified to slaughter all conceivably unsafe microorganisms and, there is positively no damage in boiling it over and over. There will be no loss of nutrientients or health benefit of it.

5. Drinking milk is great to begin your day

This is True. It is really extraordinary for breakfast. Since it gives you the fundamental supplements directly toward the beginning of the day. In any case, drinking milk on an unfilled stomach as soon as you wake up may not be the best thing for you. Drink a glass of water when you wake up, this is more healthy.

6. Cause bloating and indigestion

Yes drinking it cause bloating and indigestion, but not to all the people. Bloating and indigestion occur only to the people who are lactose intolerance.

When a person don’t have lactase enzymes in their digestive system to digest milk and their other product, then the person is Lactose intolerance. The lactase enzymes is responsible for digesting sugar lactose.

7. Heart healthy food

This is false! Whole cow’s milk contains 5 to 10 mg of cholesterol per 100gms. Milk and other dairy items are one of the top wellsprings of supply route obstructing soaked fat.

8. Contains hormones

This is a Fact! Hormones are normally present in many nourishments of plant and creature birthplace. In cow’s milk, it called Bovine development hormone(BGH). Ox-like development hormone is a peptide comprised of amino acids and when ingested, is totally processed in the gastro-intestinal plot like some other protein. And in this manner has no hormonal movement in people.

 9. Contains a lot of sugar

Sugar is an overall term utilized ordinarily from rany starch whether its glucose, fructose or lactose. It contains a sugar called lactose. Numerous individuals confuse this characteristic sugar in it with table sugar which is sucrose. But remember, chocolate and other enhanced milk contains included sugar (sucrose), making it much substantial, specially important info for people who intend to loose weight.

 10. Cause kidney stones

This is a big myth many people don’t have a clue. Numerous examinations have indicated that drinking milk or calcium got from nourishments doesn’t build kidney stone hazard, yet calcium from supplements has been related with higher danger of stone development.

 11. Causes mucus and asthama

This is another myth with no logical premise. There is no connection between milk and bronchial asthma.

12. Gives you better sleep

Yes, this is true. A glass of milk assists with inciting sound sleep since it contains a protein called alpha-lactalbumin, which is a wellspring of the amino corrosive tryptophan, which is basic for blend of serotonin, which is a synapse hormone that assists with managing state of mind and rest.

13. Fat content in Goat’s milk is lower than Cow’s milk

This is True. When it comes to the trans fat content, Buffalo milk has highest fat content, then comes cow’s milk and lowest is goats.

Image Source – Google|Image by – Nandhaa Dairy Farm

14. Eating milk and fish tohether causes Vitiligo or white patches on skin

According to clinical science, Vitiligo or white patches on skin is an auto-immune turmoil and has no direct relationship with food. There are no examination confirmations to help this case. Infact, in numerous parts of the world, fish dishes are cooked with milk, yogurt or other dairy items with no issues. However, according to Ayurveda, this mix can trigger some abrupt concoction changes in the body to dirty blood and mess skin up.

15. Weight reduction

Drinking milk won’t make you thin. There are no studies reminiscent of any advantage of it to lose weight. Rather, contingent upon your complete calorie admission esteem, it can really make you progressively fat.

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