Chapati Calories, Protein, Carbs, Fats and its health benefits

In this article, we will discuss India’s one of the best and most underrated food. Chapati, yes we are going to discuss Chapati or roti . Roti is known as Chapati in English. Many people think that eating Chapati will increase their weight because it is a high-calorie food. So in this article, we will learn about Chapati, chapati calories and its complete nutrition in detail.

Nowadays, I do not know why people are afraid of eating chapatti. Maybe because someone has told them that eating chapatti will increase their weight. I also saw a lot of dietician and trainer that they were suggesting not to eat chapatis to their clients. I do not understand why they do this, while Chapati is one of the best Indian food, whether you are doing weight gain or weight loss.

So let’s discuss the chapati nutrition and benefits of chapati.

Calories in Chapati

So firstly we will discuss the calories in chapati because people mostly want to know about chapati calories. Now the question is how much calories in one chapati? You get 105 calories in one chapati.

Some people also use oil in the dough they make for making chapati, due to which the calories of their chapatis increase. But let me clear you that we are talking about calories in chapati without oil and wheat chapati calories.

So you can see that there are not too many calories in chapati and you can take the amount of chapati according to your calories intake. So now let’s see how to calculate the calories of chapati.

1 chapati calories = 105

And suppose you have to eat two chapatis, then,

2 chapati calories = 2×105 = 210

So in this way you can calculate your calories.

Protein in Chapati

Some people think that chapati only contains carbs, but it is not so, chapati also have a fair amount of protein. If you eat chapati, then you get 4 gm protein in 1 chapati. So you can see that the quantity of protein in chapati is also perfect. 

Carbs in Chapati

So now let’s talk about Chapati carbs. Chapati is a rich source of carbs. You get 16 gm of carbs in one chapati. And in this, you get complex carbs, not simple or white carbs. And complex carbs have high fiber and digest slowly, due to which your blood sugar level does not spike, and it also helps in weight control. So if you are losing weight, you must include chapati in your diet, do not be afraid to eat chapati.

Fats in Chapati

Now if we talk about fat, then the amount of fat in chapati is less. You get only 2.7 gm of fat in 1 chapati.

Note: 1. All the macronutrients mentioned above is for the whole Wheat chapati nutrition facts. The nutritional facts given above can vary according to the size of your chapatti.

Benefits of eating Chapati.

Although there are many benefits of eating chapati, I mention some significant benefits below.

  • Provides Energy: Chapati is an excellent source of complex carbs, and complex carbs digest slowly in your body, making you feel energetic for a long time. And you don’t even feel hungry for a long period.
  • Bones formation: Whole Wheat Flour contains a fair amount of phosphorus which helps in our bones formation.
  • Maintains blood sugar level: Now as I told that chapati contains complex carbs, which digests slowly in the body and due to slow digestion it does not allow blood sugar level to spike and keeps diabetes in control.
  • Good for brain: Whole wheat chapati has Niacin present in it which is good for brain functioning and improves mental health.
  • Good for skin: Whole wheat flour is rich in zinc which helps in skin repair and also acts as an anti-aging.

Can we eat chapati at night?

This question remains in many people’s minds that can we eat chapati at night or not? Because they think that eating chapati at night make them fat. But let me tell you guys, nothing like this happens. If your daily calorie intake is less than your maintenance calories, then you will not gain weight even by eating chapati at night.

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