6 ultimate leg workouts to get killer legs

Leg muscles are a big muscle group in our body. Apart from being a big muscle group, it is a significant muscle that we must train. But most people do not train legs, and they do not include leg workouts in their training routine. But if you want a well-defined physique, you need to train your legs, by training legs testosterone hormone boost, which helps you gain muscle or lose fat. So you must include the leg workout in your training routine.

Now many people have the question of how to get bigger legs? So in this article, we will see some of the best leg workouts to help you achieve well defined sexy legs.

By the way, no exercise is the best or worst. All the exercises below are my personal favourites which I have implemented in my leg day workout routine to get strong and nice legs. If you want strong and sexy legs, you can also include these exercises in your leg workout routine.

1. Squats

Leg Workouts (Squats)

The barbell squat is one of the best leg exercises for men and women. Both men and women can implement this exercise in their leg workout routine to get great legs. This compound exercise trains almost every muscle of your lower body parts. It trains your legs and your glute, in fact, this a great glute exercise for men and women.

How to Perform?

  • Unrack the weights from the squat stand on your rear shoulder, then take two steps back and position your feet to shoulder-width apart. And your toes should be slightly out.
  • Squat down while pushing your knees to the side and hips back.
  • Lower down until your hip crease falls below your knee. But you do not have to move your hip too much below the knee.
  • Squat back up while keeping the weight on your heels and keeping the chest upward.

2. Leg press

Leg Press

Leg Press is another excellent exercise among other leg workouts for women and men. This exercise will help you get sexy legs and feet because this exercise targets your different leg muscles like quadriceps, hamstrings and calves. Along with these leg muscles, it also trains gluteus maximus, which is your glutes muscle. 

How to perform?

  • First, you sit on the leg press machine in the right position, if you want to work on your quads, then place your feet lower and closer together. But if you want to work on your hamstring, then place your feet higher and broader together.
  • Bring the weights down by bending your knees towards the chest and then push back to the start.

3. Dumbbell Lunges

dumbbell Lunges
Image from- Google| Image by- Wingman Magazine

Dumbbell lunges is one of the best dumbbell leg workout. This dumbbell leg exercises will help you a lot in getting the best legs. You can perform this most effective leg workouts with dumbbells as well as a barbell. But here we are going to discuss lunges with dumbbells.

How to perform?

  • You have to stand straight by holding a dumbbell in your both hands.
  • Then take a forward step with either of your feet and bend your knees until the front thigh becomes parallel to the ground.
  • Return to the same position of standing straight and then again repeat the same step with another leg.

4. Seated Leg Extension

Seated leg Extension
Image Source- Google| Image by- Tristar Athletes

This is an excellent isolation leg workouts for men and women. It targets quadriceps muscle, which is a big muscle of your thigh. If you want a big, well defined and nice legs, you must include this exercise in your leg day workout routine as this exercise will help you get muscular thighs

How to perform?

  • First of all, sit on the leg press machine in the right position so that the lower pad of the machine is at the top of your ankle of your leg.
  • Hold the hand bar well with your hands.
  • Keep your back against the backrest and do not arch the back.
  • Now lift the weight with your feet until your legs are straight, but take care that you do not have to lock your knees.

5. Lying Leg Curl

LEg workouts (lying leg curl)
Image source- Google| Image by- Via World News

Lying leg curls is an isolation exercise which targets two primary leg muscles calf muscle and hamstring muscle. But it is mainly performed to target hamstring muscle. This is a great leg exercises for women or men to target their hamstring muscle.

How to perform?

  • First of all lie on your stomach.
  • Adjust the roller pad of the machine slightly below your calves, make sure that the roller pad should not be placed too high to your calves.
  • Hold the hand bar properly and stretch your legs fully.
  • And then lift the weight with your ankle and while lifting the weight, make sure that your hips do not rise from the bench.
  • Take the ankle as close to your hips as you can.

6. Seated Calf raise

Leg Workouts (seated Calf Raise)
Image Source- Google| Image by- Pinterest

The calf muscle is the most ignorant. People do not train calf. You must have seen that most people’s calf muscles are not developed. This is because people do not train them well. But if you want sexy legs, you must include this exercise in your leg workout routine. You can perform this leg exercise with dumbbells or with calf raise machine. But here we will discuss how dumbbells target your calf muscles.

How to perform?

  • Sit straight on a bench and place your feet on the stepper.
  • Grab the dumbbells from your both hands and place it on your knees.
  • And then lift your heels as high as possible and then return to the same position. And repeat it.

If you are a beginner and have difficulty lifting dumbbells, you can do this exercise with only your leg weights.

These workouts are the best leg workouts for men and women. It almost targets all your leg muscles. You must include these workouts in your leg workout routine.

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