5 best Gym belt under budget in India| Complete buyer’s guide

In this post, we will talk about the essential equipment used in the gym. Yes, we are going to talk about the gym belt in this post. Many people would know what a gym belt is and what it is used for. But still, I will tell you everything about the gym belt in great detail, especially to those who do not know about it.

What is gym belt ?

Some people also know gym belt as powerlifting or weightlifting belt. Gym belts or powerlifting belts are used while lifting weights in the gym. You must have seen in the gym that many people use this belt when doing the heavy lift. It helps to deliver support to their back while doing the heavy lift. This reduces their lower back stress while lifting.

Before we discuss the advantages, disadvantages, and use of belts, let us look at the 5 best gym belts that I have made after doing a lot of research.

Note: This is not a paid post. I have not taken any money to promote any product in it. I have made a list of the best products for you through my research and personal experiences.

1. Aurion Genuine Leather Pro Weight Lifting Belt

Aurion Genuine Leather Pro Weight Lifting Belt for Men and Women. This is a great gym belt on a low budget.

The material of the belt is leather, and it is a very durable and robust belt. If you buy it, it will last a long time. It is 4-inch wide and 8 mm thick.

This gym belt has foam lumber pads, which reduces your back strain while performing a heavyweight lift.

If you are a powerlifter, do heavy weight lift, then this belt is for you. If you perform squatsdeadlifts, or any compound lift up to 200-250 kg, then this belt will be perfect for you.

This Gym belt is ideal for both Men & Women.

2. Xtrim Dura Belt

Xtrim Dura-Belt is another best gym belt on my list. This belt is made up of genuine leather.

This belt has a double prong buckle, which does not allow the belt to slip during use. It is 8-inch wide and 10 mm thick, due to which your back and the entire core gets good support and stabilization while doing the heavy lift.

If you do powerlifting, this is the perfect gym belt for you because it is robust and durable. It will not break quickly due to high pressure.

Anyone can use this belt, whether that person is an advance, expert, intermediate, or beginner.

It is ideal for both men and women.

3. USI Universal Power Lifting Belt PLH (Heavy) (790PLH)

USI Universal Power Lifting Belt PLH (Heavy) (790PLH), guys USI Universal is a very popular and trusted brand for its products.

If you are a fitness freak and you train like a beast, then, believe me, this gym belt is just for you. This is a very strong and durable belt. This will give excellent support to your back and your core while doing a heavy lift.

It is 11 mm thick and 8 inches wide, which gives you better support during heavy weight lift.

And if you perform heavy deadliftssquats, and other compound lifts, then you can buy this belt blindly.

It is ideal for both men & women.

4. Kobo 6″ Wide Power Weight Lifting

Kobo 6″ Wide Power Weight Lifting Leather Gym Belt Black. Guys, this is another best belt from a trendy and most trusted brand Kobo.

This gym belt is 6 mm thick and 6 inches wide and has extra thick padding, which gives you better support while lifting the weight.

It can be used by anyone, whether the person is an advance, intermediate, or beginner.

It is ideal for both Men & Women.

5.  Iron Bull Strength powerlifting belt 

The Iron Bull Strength powerlifting belt. Friends, this gym belt is just incredible.

Yes, it is a little more expensive than the rest of the belt, but believe me, it costs a bit more for the right item. And this will be your one-time investment because this belt is very durable, so that it will last a long time.

If you are a professional lifter or bodybuilder or do a big lift, I would suggest you invest some money and buy this belt and trust me; you will never regret it after buying it.

It gives excellent support to your back and abdominal section while lifting the weight and enhances your performance.

Its thickness is 10 mm, and its width is 4 inches, which is used by the top athletes of the whole world.

If you are Beginner, you do not need to spend much money on this belt, and you can buy any gym belt from the above belt. Yes, if you have pain in your back, then you must buy this belt.

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Benefits of using Belt:

  • Wearing a belt while weightlifting supports your lower back and reduces the stress from the lower back, reducing your chances of getting an injury.
  • The gym belt increases the pressure in your abdomen, causing your core to become healthy and rigid, due to which you can utilize your maximum power during weightlifting.
  • And when you perform an overhead lift, it prevents your back hyperextension.
  • When you do a heavy lift, your form deteriorates due to heavyweight, but a gym belt helps you to keep your form and posture correct while doing the heavy lift.

When should you not use a gym belt?

You must have seen many people in the gym that keep the belt on during their entire exercise, whether they are doing any lightweight or aerobic exercise. While the truth is that you do not need a belt for any aerobic exercise or any weight training in which your spinal erector does not work against massive resistance. For example, You will not get benefit from using belts in exercises like lat pull down or leg extension.

The continuous use of a belt can also increase your blood pressure. Those who have blood pressure or heart problem should never wear belt continuously. If you use a belt, then after completing each set, take the belt off, then when you go to perform the next set, you can wear the belt again. You can use the belt in this way, and you will not suffer any harm.

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